Firemaker Hosting is an internet hosting company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We provide top of the line web site hosting for web sites of all sizes and provide top notch customer support.

In The Beginning

The beginning of Firemaker was a simple thing: a guy with an idea for a web company. The hosting services provided came as an offshoot, but quickly turned into a passion. Word-of-mouth proved to be the biggest source of new clients for the company, and as they say, the rest is history.

Into the Future

Our client base has grown since those early days. To this day our main source of new clients is via word-of-mouth. A large part of our success can be attributed to the relationships built with clients. Many of our clients have grown from very small businesses into large operations requiring complex hosting solutions… and we’ve had the pleasure of helping them grow.

Current Services

One thing that will never change is our focus: on the client. We will continue to offer the services that our clients need to keep their websites secure, stable, and accessible.

Firemaker Hosting continues to provide incredible services and support for its clients.